Let no one deceive another or despise anyone anywhere, or through anger or resistance wish for another to suffer.

Life of the Buddha-BBC Series.

This video series may be a source of great inspiration. It may also be a great trap for the unwary. Watch and enjoy, but do not become carried away with the visual representations and the sounds of such a flimsy fabrication. In the Buddha's time, carnival performers went from village to village setting up cloth screens on which were painted scenes from the Vedas as well as myths and folk tales. A singer would narrate each scene as torch light flickered behind the painted cloth. In what sense are marvelous media technologies any more substantial than those primitive spectaculars? Become inspired instead, not to delight in the eye and form, the ear and sound, but rather to explore your own nature and learn how not to cling to what is insubstantial, impermanent and painful. For further inspiration, read, and if you can, because it is very helpful, recite to yourself on a regular basis Sariputta's advice to a dying man: "I will not cling..." Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.